Premier Presentation - Don't Change My Name - UPDATE!!!
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Premier Presentation - Don't Change My Name - UPDATE!!!

Don’t Change My Name “Man Dio Nukocheo”

DON’T CHANGE MY NAME is a compelling story of a girl named Florentina Zulueta, who was born in Dahomey (now Benin) in West Africa, during the 17th century. At just 15, she was one of many who were captured and transported to Cuba to be sold as a slave. Her original name was “Tolo-Ño,” given to her while she lived in a Lucumí region (now Nigeria) as a young girl. However, at the time of her capture in Dahomey, her name was later changed to “Na-Tegué.” “Na-Tegué” was sold to Julián de Zulueta y Amondo, a notorious slave owner in the Perico region of Matanzas, Cuba. After branding her flesh with a hot metal iron, Julián then claimed her as his property and forever changed the name of the young “Na-Tegué” to Florentina Zulueta.


Dreiser Durruthy Bombale (special guest on vocal/percussion)

Freddie Hendrix - trumpet

Sam Dillon - sax

James Burton - trombone

Peter Slavov - bass

Mark Sherman - Vibes

Yorgos Maniatis - drums

Richard Padron - guitar

Gabo Lugo - percussion

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8:00 PM20:00

Cinque CD Release World Tour



Vincent Herring - alto sax/flute

Greg Tardy - tenor sax/clarinet 

Todd Marcus - bass clarinet 


Freddie Hendrix - trumpet

James Burton - trombone 


Elio Villafranca - piano

Ricardo Rodriguez - bass

Lewis Nash - drums


Arturo Stable

Jonathan Troncoso 

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